DNS collector collection

Posted on Sun 20 October 2019 in Research • Tagged with phd, DNS

When I started to study Fast-Flux botnets in 2012, during my PhD, I was bit lost as I didn't really know where to start from. I remember, reading this paper from 2007 Know Your Enemy: Fast-Flux Service Networks. By the time, Python and Java DNS libraries were pretty confusing to …

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Memories from PhD: Everything That Has A Beginning Has An End.

Posted on Thu 04 April 2019 in Research • Tagged with phd, DNS

Today, I am celebrating one year after I have finished my PhD in Computer Science. If you know how to read in Portuguese, you are more than welcome to send me a feedback. Title: Detecção de Redes de Serviço de Fluxo Rápido Baseada em Otimização por Colônia de Formiga. In …

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Projects for 2019

Posted on Sat 16 March 2019 in projects • Tagged with projects, DNS

Every year I see many people sharing on the Internet their personal goals and I will do the same ;)

  • Certifications

    • Security (CEH)
    • Cloud providers (AWS)
  • Big Data

    • DNS blacklist project